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Savaneta - Area di Arawak

Project Progress 2022

Final Touches on the Road

July 2019

After months of working on the road,it is almost complete. 

Each brick at the edge of the road needs to be cut and placed in the gaps in between.

Then in between the bricks will come white sand and the entire road can be settled and compacted into place with a roller.

For those asking why they can't ride on the pavers yet, we ask that they have a bit more patience while the road is still being worked on.

Curbs & Paving the Road

May - June 2019

As with most Better Homes projects we've chosen to pave the road instead of the traditional asphalt, it's a lot more work but definitely worth it in the end.

Currently we have 290.700 individual pavers installed on the roads of Papaya Stones & Gardens, that is 570 skids, and still a few more left to go before the road is completed. 

Preparing and Leveling the Roads

March - April 2019

Before the road can be paved it first has to be prepared,have all the concrete sides, be filled with base course/ road gravel, leveled- & smoothed out. 

Before beginning we lay all needed pipe lines that cross the roads for future utility installations, these are all according to the approved plans of each utility company.

When developing a project the size of Papaya Stones & Gardens it is important for all clients seeking land to keep in mind everything that goes into the preparation and execution of each phase. 

Recreational Park & Parks

February 2019

For Papaya Stones & Gardens we have nine (9) areas that are designated as nature areas, the central,and largest one, is a recreational park.

Surrounded by large boulders and trees there will be a combination soccer & basketball court, an amphitheater with stage and around the entire area a walking path.

The drip system to water the park plants are in place and the park lights are yet to be installed. 

The southern park, located between lots #1 & #2 has a couple of beautiful "Shimarucu" known as the "Aruba Cherry" trees there, so to help them grow they are also watered by the drip system. 

Clearing the Road

January 2019

Clearing all the pathways that will be the future roads of Papaya Stones & Gardens.

Moving & Removing Boulders

November-December 2018

This area of the island has a lot of rocks and boulders. 

Better Homes is known for trying to preserve as much nature as possible during the development of projects, whether it be trees, cacti and even boulders.

We did move many of the boulders to the park areas, but we are reluctant to move boulders that add to the landscape and especially ones that have been rooted in a place for many years. 

We hope future land owners appreciate the beauty of Papaya and preserve as much of it's nature as they can as well. 

New project! Papaya Stones and Gardens

October 2018

Would like to live on your own property land, in a quiet residential neighborhood located in Papaya/Moko, Aruba, surrounded by nature? If the answer is yes, then you're in luck.

It's another development by Better Homes n.v. ,"Papaya Stones and Gardens", we have 77 lots of various sizes of property land available.


What makes us stand apart from other local project developers is that you can choose one of our model houses or design your own dream home. Build with our associate contractor, JR Construction, or use your own contractor. Build your house now, or after a couple of years, it's up to you.  

Contact us for any questions you may have or to make a reservation 

from mon. to fri. 8am to 5pm at (+297) 582-8080 or visit us at our office located at Italiestraat 24-A unit#3 (Behind Crown Blvd., next to Visser Trading)


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