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  • What is necessary for me to make a reservation of a parcel?
    A minimum down payment of Afl.1225,- (per parcel) Buyers’ passports Excerpt from population register (Censo, 5 florin) Fill in a form
  • How long will a reservation last?
    The reservation of a parcel lasts 3 months, during which time the buyers are responsible for obtaining financial approval.
  • How long will the entire procedure take? (purchasing the property)
    It depends on how long it takes the buyer to obtain approval from a financial institution. If the buyer has the means to purchase the property without the need of financing, the purchase of property can happen in about 6 weeks, depending on the lenght of the Notary's process.
  • Are notary costs included in the purchase price of the property?
    The notary costs and transfer tax are not included in the purchase price.
  • Do I get the down payment back after purchase?
    The down payment that is made will be deducted from the purchase price.
  • What happens to the down payment if I cancel during the reservation period?
    The down payment (minus administrative costs for Better Homes N.V. in the amount of Afl. 400.-- per parcel) shall be refunded to the buyer if during the reservation period the buyer did not receive approval from a financial institute. If Buyer cancelled without any valid reason, the down payment will not be refunded.
  • What rules are there in the residential development?
    *These are some basic rules, in the contract you will receive a detailed list of all rules and you can always ask for more information. 1. In order to maintain a peaceful environment, we do not permit the land to be used as a business or apartment complex. 2. To avoid long standing empty lots, the house must be built within a minimum of 4 years after the deed is signed over. 3. Animals other than pets, such as goats, sheep, horses, cows, pigs, or other poultry/cattle is prohibited. 4. Keeping animals, rodents and some breed of dogs, that are considered dangerous and/or a nuisance is strictly prohibited. (Ask for an explanation / detailed list)
  • Why are there rules if it’s property land (Eigendom)?
    Keep in mind that though you will purchase propertyland (eigendom), it is in a residential development of Better Homes. The rules have been formulated over years of developing residential properties and are meant to maintain peace, order and safety for all residents.
  • Do I have to use Better Homes’ contractors to build my house?
    Though we suggest using our trusted associate, J.R. Constructions’ services, every buyer is free to use their own contractor.
  • Do I have to build one of the model houses / Can I design my own house?
    The model houses are optional; every client is free to design their own house, as long as it follows the standards of our projects.
  • If I want a model house, can the layout be adapted?"
    Yes, all model houses are completely adaptable e.g. adding or removing rooms, a flat roof design, etc. We can make any changes needed to the technical drawings.
  • What is permitted to be built?
    It is possible to build 1 (one) house and 1 (one) apartment per parcel. Non-permanent structures such as trailers are not permitted. The structures must have either a tiled roof or a flat roof.
  • I don't live in Aruba, is it possible to purchase property without being there?"
    Yes, it is possible for non-residents to purchase property with Better Homes. we will need: A minimum down payment of USD 1000,- /per parcel (via wire transfer) Notarized Buyers’ passports Notarized Buyers' Drivers' Licences Notarized Authorization letter (Power of Attorney) Fill in forms Contact us for more information.

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